Tauro & Taurox M0,5 - M22 quality monitored threading

Taurox thread tapping machine
Tauro 25 thread tapping machine for standalone usage or thanks to its modular design as part of an automation.

Taurox e. K.: Specialists in thread machining

Our thread tapping machines of the Tauro and Taurox product lines are an innovation in torque monitored thread machining! The machines are used for thread cutting and thread forming. They also offer solutions for other torque monitored applications, as thread gauging, insertion of threaded bushings, or bolts. The products of the Tauro and Taurox series cover several ranges of power with a thread cutting capacity from M0.8 to M22 (0.03 Nm to 90 Nm). Next to the machining of single parts and prototypes the scope of applications also includes automated manufacturing.


The special advantage of the Tauro and Taurox tapping machines: 

They continuously monitor all process operations and intervene before a tool breaks or a part gets damaged. Based on the high quality of the material processing, as well as the possible integration into an existing automated manufacturing, the Tauro and Taurox products are ideally suited for various industries. These include workshops and production plants of metal, plastic and sheet metal machining industries. Also users from the automotive industry and its suppliers, the aerospace industry, optics, and medical-technology manufacturing benefit from the Tauro® and Taurox® threading machines.


Talk to us about your requirements!

We are specialists in the field of thread machining and offer you professional consulting and technical support with the integration of machinery plus intelligent implementation. Furthermore, we take the time to adjust and integrate the Tauro® and Taurox® products into your existing automation solution.

< movie >Automation machinery thread tapping with the Tauro 83

All advantages of the Tauro and Taurox thread tapping machines in a nutshell:

• Intelligent control and workpiece machining
• Smooth and reliable running performance
• Machining with carbide tools
• Continuously adjustable speed from 25 to 3000 rpm
• High dynamic due to synchronous servo technology
• Continuously adjustable torque from 0.03 Nm to 90 Nm
• Graphic display with a menu-guided user interface
• Modular design and PLC interface
• Useful for a variety of applications
• Robust and maintenance-free


The Tauro and Taurox thread machining convinces users:

• By exact monitoring, measuring and optimization of process parameters, our machines contribute to quality assurance during the machining process.
• Without tool breakage and material rejects, production costs are decreased significantly with the Tauro and Taurox thread tapping machines.
• Optimized process parameters increase tool life.

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